Our Agency (Fofa Sports Management)

At Fofa Sports Management, we provide a full-service sports consultancy specializing in professional football in the Republic of South Africa, Ghana and other countries of the world. As our name suggests, we pride ourselves in the quality and talent of the athletes we represent as well as the quality of our services. Quality Talent Sports is under the leadership of Ms. Priscilla Unathi Khanye, Mr. Thidiela Moses Nndweleni and Our President/Chief Director, Ebenezer Liedson Abiasi Olaga Sebbinson, whose specialization is in the modern international sport.

It is imperative that professional athletes have professional representation and advice ranging from contracts, finance or other aspects of life prevalent to their professional career. Law and finance are indispensable aspects in modern international sport and it is therefore important that professional sports persons are fully conversant with their rights and financial opportunities open to them, in what could be a short and certainly limited career. We provide our clients with qualified advice on all the services that we offer and we maintain the highest level of professionalism.

To the extent necessary, we would engage the services of financial advisors, scouts, and property specialists, or any other experts in any given field, to provide the all-round services that the modern sportsperson would require. Our services would range from the contract and or transfer negotiations to all other aspects outside football be it investments, acquisition of movable or immovable property, education, or otherwise.

We believe that it is important that our relationship with our clients is one that can last throughout their playing career and beyond. Therefore our relationship with our clients is based on trust, transparency, and integrity. Furthermore, it is based on a level of personal service and expertise that would satisfy their needs whilst exceeding expectations.

Our Service for Professional Career

  • Negotiation of contracts to reflect the players' true market value
  • General advice on contractual issues relating to options, Image, and Autograph Rights, contract termination
  • Procurement of sponsorship and/or endorsement deals and promotional appearances
  • Advice on mediation and dispute resolution
  • Advice on professional athletes' commercial rights such as Intellectual Property Rights Image and Autograph Rights
  • Marketing of our players on our various social media platforms

Our Address

523 Salyut Street

Makhulong Section


Gauteng, 1632

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